Thursday, August 30, 2012

Countryside Lifestyle

I just got back from a 3 night/4 day trip to the Mongolian countryside. It was full of adventure and I'll try to explain it via an awesome picture post.

We left at 9:30ish on Sunday morning and sadly the engine to our tour bus got wet as we were crossing a river and we didn't arrive at our location till 8:30 pm. We actually ended up getting a ride from a truck and here's a video of that: Truck Ride to Mongolian Countryside!

The following morning, Eli and Lucas felt the need to wrestle. It's a very popular Mongolian sport.

We were amazed by the vastness of the countryside. So beautiful.

In order: Joe, Lauren, Lucas, Lisa, Chimgee, and Eli. The rest of the group was in a log-esque cabin about 10 minutes away, but we didn't see them all that much.

After a breakfast of fresh, thick cream and bread we explored the area and got water from this river. We also skipped stones, did a bit of hiking, and herded some sheep and goats later in the evening!

The family that hosted us was so sweet and always made sure that we overate.

The gers were pretty warm and one of them had satellite television! The television was powered by a car battery and the bathroom was just a hole in the ground a little bit away from the ger.

Joe, Lauren, Eli, and Lucas.  At one point we visited another ger about 2 miles away so we could call the tour company for a return ride. While we were visiting we got milk tea, cream, and bread!

I learned how to make Mongolian dumplings one day!

Here's Lucas eating soup...he found 2 flies in the soup but just pulled them out and kept on eating. Haha.

In the evening we herded the sheep and goats and brought them home :)

The next day my group was ready to explore but I was pretty content just to look up at the sky.

The husbands in the family had left to get hay for the winter, so we gladly stepped in and chopped firewood for the family. That was my first time chopping wood and I LOVED IT.

Here's the inside to one of the gers. It's beautifully decorated and it's actually really warm.

Working on my nipple grabbing technique. You have to really work to get that milk!

Gorgeous rainbow our final day in the countryside.

And now I'm safely back in UB with my awesome view. Apparently school starts tomorrow but I haven't heard anything from my school, so who knows! I'll keep you updated.

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