Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WARNING: Graphic photos below.

This is a story about a cranky appendix.

I had been feeling low on energy and I thought I ate some bad food, but it never crossed my mind that I had appendicitis. My brother had appendicitis when we were children and none of my symptoms were 1/2 as violent as his were.

On Wednesday morning I went and hiked up a mountain with Chris.

and then Wednesday afternoon I was told by the doctor that I had appendicitis.

He told me that I needed a blood test and an x-ray to confirm but since I didn't have the cash on hand to pay for that, I had to come back on Thursday.

I went back to the hospital on Thursday and it was confirmed that my appendix was fat and cranky and was to be removed on Friday.

Acute appendicitis! Ah!
So on Friday I went into the hospital.

And I got an ultrasound, an HIV test, and an x-ray to see how my heart was doing before we went in for surgery.

The last smile I had for days:

And then an IV was set. It took 5 attempts and overall, it was horrible.

Then I was taken to surgery and I looked like this on the operating table: 
Only I was completely naked and you know, wasn't crucified.

Thankfully I was given some great drugs and my appendix was removed quickly. The doctor brought the appendix to Chris, who took pictures because he knew I would want to see. (WARNING: PICTURES ARE BELOW)

The yellow part toward the bottom of the picture is the infected area. 

And after I woke up from surgery, I was alone and naked and had really chapped lips. I got some "chapstick" (gauze dipped in water) and then dropped back off to sleep.

The recovery was slow and I was in the hospital from Friday to Monday.

Before I could leave on Monday, the doctor had to remove my stitches. 

And now I am back in my little apartment. I am eating more than just broth and hot water and I am sleeping in my own bed and waking up to the sun in my face. Recovery is slow, but I am so happy to be on the way to healthy.

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