Sunday, August 28, 2016

3rd year recap.

I didn't realize it had been quite so long since my last update, but a lot has happened during that time.
Fall Semester:
After I came back from Costa Rica, Mom and I drove to South Dakota so I could take my preliminary exams. That's 2.5 days of testing. 4 hours of testing that is closed-book, and 16 hours of testing that is open-book. You answer 24 questions in 20 hours.

Mom and Luna got some time to cuddle while I worked. My mom was amazing with making sure I was hydrated, fed, and wasn't bothered. I know it's ridiculous, but I wouldn't have found time to eat till after I turned in the exam. I was exhausted after it was finished.
After that, my mom and I relaxed for a bit and then she left to go back to Atlanta :(

I started my third year in my graduate program.
Based on the picture below you can see....I'm not really quite sure how I feel about that. I've taken classes every summer now and prelims wiped me out...maybe it wasn't the best idea to add up how many years I have been in school, haha.

Regardless, it was go time! And wow, did things get busy really quickly.
This became my motto, haha.
I took 12 credit hours fall semester in addition to starting my first year of practicum. 
I worked 19 hours a week at a clinical placement site and it was amazing. I saw between 13-16 clients every week, and loved it.  Every day was a great day, even when it was really tough. Amazing experience.

Per usual, then things got even busier.
werk, werk, werk
....But I still made time to shove nachos into my mouth at the Ribs, Rods, & Rock-n-Roll Festival here in Vermillion. I love nachos. 

 For 2.5 days out of the week I would see clients, and then for the other 2.5 days out of the week I would attend classes, do homework, work on my dissertation, etc. Weekends were obviously reserved for homework, papers, assignments...and maybe grocery shopping?

I also went to the annual South Dakota Psychological Association conference with friends in my program and we stopped at the Badlands for some awesome sightseeing. South Dakota is REALLY beautiful.
Then a month later I went to Morris University for another conference.

After that, our program participated in the annual Bowl-o-Ween event and I went with two other people in my program as the Witches of MacBeth.  

Then on Halloween I was a Powerpuff Girl (but I kept saying Powderpuff, much to my sister's embarrassment). This was also the night I lost my jacket, ID, money, cell phone...only for it to show up days later at a friend's house. No idea how it got there. 
Brandon, Lisa, Matt, & Euo
Side Note: Luna was and is in love with my costume. She claimed it as her own immediately and still uses it to this day as a toy.

I drove home for Thanksgiving and had my first Thanksgiving meal in over 5 years.

I also left Luna with my parents because my end-of-semester schedule was so tough. I was at the library until 2 at night and she was really lonely. During this time I also attended a friend's wedding AND MY BEST FRIEND CAME TO VISIT. 

Abby Silva and I have been friends since my freshman year of college. She came right after a light snowfall and we had a blast going around and drawing things in the snow, going out to eat/drink, and catching up. I love this woman.
She's basically the best. 

At the end of the semester, I met up with my mom in St. Louis! To celebrate the end of another semester we saw Wicked. 

Luna and I were reunited, but I really think she was fine without and dad gave her cheesecake, for goodness sake.
I mean, really, look at her begging for crab dip. She even has her little toes streeetched out to get it, hahaha.

I celebrated Christmas with family and brought in the New Year relaxing with them. It was a lovely change of pace from the school year.

Spring Semester:
In addition to spending time with my mom, I got breakfast dates and smoothie making time with my dad. We tease each other about our smoothies and about whose will taste better.....just fyi...he is a way better smoothie maker than me. 

My mom and I drove up to Vermillion, SD for the start of spring semester and during that time figured out that Luna was really sick. So I took her to the vet. 

To put it mildly, it was a really traumatic experience for both of us. She had horrible kidney stones and a terrible terrible urinary tract infection.  Luna ended up needing an IV to force liquids in her and I ended up crying at the VET'S OFFICE. My sweet girl was a screaming mess and ended up getting a needle into her bladder while SNARLING AT EVERYONE. I had never heard her make such noises or act like this! She was so scared. My mom had to comfort me a lot, Luna was mad at me for 3 days, wouldn't even LOOK at me, and I thought that she was going to need surgery. 

She eventually forgave me and cuddled with me again. And thankfully she doesn't need surgery.
Throughout the semester Luna continued to hunt and drink out of various tall cups of water...knocking over several and then freaking out at water touching her paws.

I continued see clients, took more classes, worked on my dissertation, got a grant and worked on research, saw more clients, and did diagnostic testing for a few additional clients. 

I was also prepping for oral examinations during this time. I was pretty exhausted, anxious, and stressed. This wasn't really a good time in my life, honestly. There's no doubt that I love what I do, but I pushed myself far too much this year. 

I ended up getting kidney stones and friends took me to critical care to figure out what was wrong. Like I said...not a good time in my life.

But still, every Thursday night I got together with Matt and Euodia and relaxed for just a bit.

My parents came up during my Spring Break and we traveled around South Dakota together. They were amazing for helping me to relax, and I've dedicated an entirely different post to our travels. 

Toward the end of the semester I completed orals...a 2 hour examination of my clinical skills and knowledge. I started with comprehensive exams in the fall and ended with orals in the spring. Orals was oddly fun, much to my surprise.

At this point I was running on EMPTY and was trying to chug water to avoid any more kidney stones. 
And then school ended.

And....then summer classes started. haha. Can a girl get a break?! I took two classes this summer in addition to working on my dissertation.

At the end of summer I was able to go on another vacation with my parents in Colorado after I presented at a conference. That vacation was amazing as well and I made another post about it, too. 
And after summer classes ended, school started one week later.

Now 4th year has begun. 

Now I'm working at the VA conducting neuropsychological assessments while taking classes, peer supervising others, seeing clients, working on my dissertation, and applying for internship. Life is...still a bit hectic.

Hope you all are doing wonderfully well. 

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Adventures in Costa Rica

I had an amazing time in Costa Rica for 5 glorious weeks. I tried to break up this blog post by weekends, because that's when I did exciting things (for the most part).

Daily Life:
School 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Monday to Friday.
Picture of some of the students and teachers at my school.
Then after school I would go back to my hostel and work on homework for my online graduate class called Crisis Intervention. After working on homework, I would sometimes meet up with friends for ice-cream. Yummm, yes please.
Really popular ice-cream choice in Costa Rica
Our school also had activities that they hosted...
Monday: City Tour of Santo Domingo
Tuesday: Cooking Lessons
I loved the cooking classes!
I learned how to make a lot of Costa Rican food :)
Wednesday: Social Night (always did this)
Thursday: Football Game (never did this)
Friday: Salsa Dancing (never did this)

Week 1: I arrived in Costa Rica a week early so that I could settle in, explore, find my school, and also work on homework for my graduate class. I ended up meeting a lot of cool people in my hostel, but Axel and Andres (pictured below) were my favorite. They are biking across Costa Rica into Panama (and after, who knows!) and they were the sweetest. After I said goodbye to them, I went on an adventure 2 weeks later and actually saw them biking along the road! I couldn't believe it.

For the first week, I sat on top of the rooftop terrace, read, wrote, and studied for my class.

I also wandered around a bit, but it wasn't uncommon for it to start raining around 1:00 pm and for it to continue past midnight! I was starting to go a little crazy from the rain toward the middle of the week.

One morning during my first week, my hostel owner and his girlfriend took Axel and me on a "Secret Waterfall Tour." We went down this huge meadow, down into the forest, and then came to this amazing clearing.

We hiked a bit more, went under some barbed wire, and then came out to another clearing with a gorgeous swimming area. We forged the river and hiked another 20 minutes to get to a really amazing waterfall. It was SO much better than doing homework!

Then that weekend, I went with some new friends to Poas Volcano and La Paz Waterfall Gardens. It took about an hour an a half to get there, and it was a gorgeous drive. I loved both the volanco and the waterfalls so much, but the Waterfall Gardens was my favorite. They also have rooms dedicated to butterflies, birds, exotic animals, insects, frogs, etc. It was really cool to explore around...and we also got a huuuuge buffet lunch. 

View on the drive up to the volcano


Then we hiked past this to get to a lake (it was cloudy, so we couldn't see it though)

But there were some huuuge plant leaves.
Some of the leaves around the volcano were bigger than me!
It looks like I'm not holding anything, but I'm actually holding onto a HUGE butterfly. 

Then the big exotic cats got fed later in the day, which was really cool to see. Some were really into the food, but others were just content to do nothing. 
I was pretty pumped.
 And then we went to see the waterfalls!!

We arrived home soaking wet but we had an amazing time...and then school started for me on Monday! 

Week 2:  Week 2 was pretty relaxed. I went to classes, went to San Jose with a friend, and had an overall great week. Got lost trying to get to El Club for Wednesday Night Social, but eh, no big deal (not this time anyway)

That weekend a group of friends and I decided to go to La Fortuna and see bullet ants, red tree frogs, sloths, raccoon-esque animals, and another volcano. We also swam in local hot springs and went to a huge swimming hole. 

Back row: Andrew, me, Edwin
Middle Row: Nick, Laura, Megan
Front Row: Michael, Corrine, Austin
Front Seats: Manfred and his girlfriend.

At a bridge during our trip. It's a one way bridge and someone refused to back up and our driver did too, so while we were at
a stalemate, we got out and took pictures!
Amazing swimming hole with an awesome rope swing! 

I did the Tarzan swing into the swimming hole! The current was SO strong, but it was such a great time. Also, Corrine had me laughing so hard that I thought I was going to die laughing.

After that we relaxed in the nearby small swimming areas and chatted. Edwin's selfie does a great job capturing how awesome it was.


We stopped to get some food from the side of the road and I GOT A COCONUT.

And then I fed these cute little guy called coati. They were super friendly and very good beggars. 

After that we went to the local hot springs for hours...we drank, chatted, relaxed, and explored the area. It was so perfect!!

My favorite part of the entire trip.

We spent the night in La Fortuna. We went out to eat, then we found a couple of different places for nightlife before turning in.

Typical Costa Rican dinner- it's really good.
 I also found a friendly cat during dinner time.

Week 3 was pretty typical, aside from me getting ridiculously lost and accepting a ride from a potentially dangerous guy. I quickly (and rightfully so) earned the reputation for getting lost really easily and for also acquiring a Costa Rican boyfriend (not true, but still funny).

One day during the week, a small group of friends and I went back to the Secret Waterfall. I had a  great time showing them around the forbidden area. 

Unfortunately I had an insane amount of work to do for my online graduate class, so I wasn't able to go to an all-inclusive resort with some of my friends. Bummer!

Week 4: This week passed just like the others with small adventures happening every day, but the focus was mainly on school work (Are you sensing a theme? :)) BUT this weekend, I did go to Manuel Antonio with some of my friends. 

4 married men, a priest, and a psychologist walk into a bar....
 We stayed at a beautiful hotel with a gorgeous view, 2 pools, and a 50 meter walk to the beach.

 It was perfect. Beach day/ pool day/ and then out for dinner and drinks later at night. 

I walked along the beach in the morning, and also at sunset...there's nothing better!

After an amazing two days at the beach, we came back to Santo Domingo for the final week of classes. 

 This is a picture of my view on the way to school every morning.

The week passed quickly.  I went to San Jose again, and I finished up all the work for both my Spanish class and for my graduate class. 

yay for productivity! (and more ice-cream)
My friend and I traveling to Heredia (a nearby city) and ate SO much ice-cream, Costa Rican food, and sweets. 

All this for 4 dollars.
And then on Friday I graduated! 

I spent the night at the airport and then on Saturday I came back to America. :) It's good to be back, but I definitely miss all of the amazing people that I met during my time in Costa Rica.

I still have a couple of weeks before school starts, but my summer is winding down.
It's been an absolutely priceless summer...I am so thankful for everything that I have been able to do (and for what I still have left!)
To review...
-Successfully defended my Master's Thesis in May
-Participated in REHPS Program in Parkston, SD with Emma in May to June
-Road-Tripped from St. Louis to Atlanta with my mom
-Went to Destin, FL with my parents for a week in June
-Visited Milledgeville, GA to see my 2nd parents and my professors.
-Spent 5 weeks at a Spanish Language School in Costa Rica
-Took a graduate school course for my specialization in Disaster Mental Health

Soon I'll be...
-Graduating in August with my Master's Degree.
-Road-Tripping with my mom from Atlanta, GA to South Dakota.
-Taking Prelims - a 3 day comprehensive exam over the last 2 years of graduate school.

And then...I'll be starting my 3rd year at the University of South Dakota and I'll be on placement at the Student Counseling Center! So very excited for what happened this summer and for what is to come.