Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fantastic times, great people, kinda tired.

This will be a slightly wordy post, but I'll make sure to put up some excellent photos as well.

We are officially done with orientation! No more language, methodology, or culture classes. We were studying and learning from 8:30 to 5:00 every day, and it's nice to relax now. My Mac computer still doesn't work in my new apartment/dorm, so I bought a little netbook. Also, we still don't have hot water so the Fulbright crew went to a spa/sauna at the Sunjin Grand Hotel and paid 7,000 MNT (5 USD) to get clean before our next vacation. I washed my hair 4 times, conditioned it 3 times, washed my body 2 times and went into the sauna/cold pool 4 times. I feel fantastic and I'm so looking forward to our country-side trip.

We went to the countryside last weekend that was about 3 hours away but since our train broke down for 2 hours it was a great 5 hour ride. Here was how I spent the entire ride:

The little village that we stayed at was called ъуянт (pronounced Boynt. Confusing, right?) We stayed in little cottages but we had no hot water and no internet. So we ate a lot of delicious Mongolian food, played some Mongolian games, and hiked up a mountain.

Main ingredients: mutton, carrots, and potatoes.  

And the other awesome thing I did?

On the way back to UB!
Tomorrow we are off to Mungunmorit to live in a ger for 3 nights and 4 days!

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