Thursday, August 16, 2012

I love Mongolia

For some reason the internet doesn't work with my Mac and we no longer have hot water at the dorms that we are staying at, but it's all good. I'm having an amazing time with the other Fulbrighters. We are taking language, culture, and methodology classes everyday. Life has been pretty exciting and my 2nd day in I got pick-pocketed recently but I foiled his attempt. :)

I've got the happiest view from my window and I am excited for every moment, even if it means studying cyrillic for hours a day. 

So lovely.

We're doing an orientation program right now, but as a part of the program we are going to awesome places and exploring around the city after being in the classroom nearly all day learning.
We've been to Choijin Lama Monastery, an amazing performance at Tumen Ekh, and a visit to Bogd Khaan Palace Museum. This weekend we'll be heading to the country side with our language teachers! 

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