Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Star Student

I have several students who are simply amazing at being students. But one in particular ALWAYS goes above and beyond. His name is Jim. It also helps that he wants to impress me. And flatter me. He does both.

His letter to another student who isn't in our class:

"Dear Andrew,

...I have to tell you that Lisa is such a passionate girl that makes every student like her pretty much. I bet you will be liking her if you come here. She is outgoing, kind, and her classes are always filled with pleasure.
In the curriculum, I love English 10 the most, not only because it is taught by Lisa, but it is fairly interesting indeed." ~Jim.

I read this poem the other day (haiku) in class

My life is Jello
Sitting and waiting in bowl
Patiently to gel

and what do you know, Jim drew me a comic about it later on. (The students didn't know what Jello was. I had to clarify)

And then he drew me a manual for homework later on:

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