Sunday, September 18, 2011

Exciting day!

Rumor has it that instead of getting off work from October 1-7th we may get off September 27th - October 7th!! I'm really happy with either one.

Picture explanations:

The sky- that's the sky today! It's beautiful outside! I haven't seen the sun in two weeks, so I am overjoyed to see it.

The pens and the bag- my student gave them to me as a gift because he remembers how much I like colored pens with my calendar. And the bag has cats on it because I talked to the class about how much I like cats.

The food- I bought all that food for 3.52 USD.

Excerpt from student essays about their future goals and aspirations:

"I will get married with my lover. I will give her a surprising big marry ceremony. When we get older, we shall love each other until death. We will have two lovely babies...when they get older, they will be stronger like buffalo soldiers" ~Bob.

"To be honest, I really wish I would be free from work early, as I have been longing for a impressing journey, just like what Lisa is doing." ~Jim.

"But in my opinion, upset or encouraging experiences are all good. You need to absorb the essence of each, you must learn something from that and prevent making the same mistakes" ~Alex.

Oh! A Chinese woman told me that I use chopsticks very well. Made my day.

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