Friday, September 16, 2011

2nd week down.

More food! (Click the link)

Here's a picture of my student's graphic organizer.

Highlights and lowlights of the week:
  • Receiving flowers in front of an entire class from my 12th grade student.
  • Kicking a student out of my class because he showed up to my class over 20 minutes late with food stuffed in his jacket.
  • Teaching my 12th graders about beer pong and Shakespeare within the same hour
I also taught poetry this week and everyone had a lovely time. Especially me. 'Cause I got to read it instead of actually do the work. :)

Poem from my male student:

Pretty Girl.

There is a pretty girl named Lisa
She is from America
In order to teach us better
She works on Harry Potter
That makes her class like a cinema.

Poem from my female student:

Ode to the Teacher:

Teacher, I'd love to draw a picture of you.
Firstly, your eyes.
keen enough to observe improvement of ours
Nextly, your mouth.
brilliant enough to pass on us knowledge and truth.
Finally, your hands
always ready to offer help.
Ok, the picture is finished.
It's the most beautiful one I have ever seen.

Poem from my boyfriend: (haiku)

Lisa loves her food.
In China, she thinks it good.
If only she cooked

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