Sunday, February 5, 2012

Atlanta, Milledgeville, Ukraine?

Alright, first things first: I got offered a volunteer position within the Peace Corps as an ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher in Ukraine. Hooray!! It looks like a great location and an overall fantastic (and challenging) job, and I would go in September to start my 27 month term of service.

Second, I had a refreshing holiday staying with friends and family and seeing various people who mean a lot to me- professors included. I traveled to Milledgeville, GA for a couple of days to see college friends and professors, but I mainly enjoyed a soft bed, carpets on the floor, and a wonderful shower. Oh, and nachos too.

But now I'm back in the land of no cheese and I'm happy. I've got travel plans in the works and I'll be heading out on a mini-vacation in less than two weeks!

Opening up my placement papers!
My little baby girl, Chloe.
Hanging out & laughing with Julie.
Sip-n-Stroke! I made that :)
Buttered biscuits & girl talk with Heather.
Milledgeville with Abby.
High Museum of Art with my cousin, Megan.
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo marathon.
Jessica cooks Breakfast for Dinner for the family.
Chloe was so happy.
Jessie and I about to go relax at Starbucks.
True love.

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