Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I love in Hungary

1) The old buildings.
2) The fact that I can walk almost anywhere.
3) None of the Hungarian men are more attractive than my sexy boyfriend. (trust me, I've looked ;) )
4) Everything is so cheap! I want to go on a shopping spree all the dang time.
5) There are pianos placed randomly throughout Pecs. Why? It's a music festival and they want people who are walking around the city to stop and play a random tune. I played the Can-Can and Mary Had A Little Lamb. Classics, of course.
6) The gelato stands at every single corner. It's so popular!
7) My mentor. THANK GOD FOR HER. She feeds me, helps me with classes, and went shopping with me for a cell phone today. Her family has really taken me in. They have given me dinner for the past two nights, and her dad (who is a realtor of sorts) is helping me to find an inexpensive flat.
8) the beauty. Hungary is absolutely gorgeous. Stunning. Walking through the city is relaxing and energizing at the same time. It's a completely different energy than New York, but I think of New York as an energy drink but Pecs as a relaxing spa. It's a really beautiful, old city. I could easily fall in love with it.

Nothing quite like getting a ton of fruit, some alcohol, 6 TWO LITERS of water, and some yogurt for only 11 USD. To talk about the water for a second...okay. It's a 2 liter bottle of water and it is 49 Hungarian Forints which equals out to 0.22 USD. 22 cents! For 2 liters of water! Also, the fruit? The peaches cost 229 Hungarian Forints which equals out to $1.03. I love fruit

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