Sunday, September 5, 2010

What culture shock?

I felt a lot better about my frustrations after I met up with Luca and Eszter and we went on a walk. I figured out where an actual train station is (!!!) and then I found out that I am going back there tomorrow to figure out their schedule. So that was nice. And the more important thing is that I found out what's going on at night. The international club is putting on some events, traveling a bit to Hungary, and then Eszter and Luca told me about Hungarian dancing that goes on Wednesdays. I'm willing (more than willing) to try out Hungarian dancing. Sounds like fun. I'm also going to look into Hungarian language night classes. We shall see.

A walk was what I needed. I feel like I have shin splints, but it's probably just my body getting used to the crazy amount of walking that I have been doing. Nothing is normal in my schedule. I talk to Ben, I go back to sleep, wake up and don't even realize that I was asleep. I eat fruit for breakfast, yougurt and fruit for lunch, and fruit and some meats for dinner. Very light in comparison to what I have in the United States.

My two other roommates are both from Norway. They are very pretty and they are best friends, so I don't see them all that much. However, they have both invested a lot of time and money into making their small room quite fashionable and cozy. It makes me laugh because my roommate, Franzi, and I do not care about that so much. Our room looks really pathetic in comparison (haha) but we both think it's silly to invest so much money into something that we're only staying in for a few months and then we have to leave all of our stuff behind. I don't know what the two girls are planning on doing with all of their stuff, but kudos to them for investing all the money. I'd love to make my room cozy, but eh, it's not on my priority list.

Anyway, that's life, and it's good. Pecs is beautiful and I'm really settling into the idea of always being here, even though I know I won't be.

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