Friday, September 3, 2010


Pécs really is a romantic kind of city. It's a small, quaint city, but it is filled to the brim with couples. Luca, my mentor, told me the other day that a person is thought to be a loser if they don't have a boyfriend. I thought that was a bit odd. Not to compare, but in America it's expected for young people to be single. I was single for two years after my break up and I loved it. I never thought that people thought of me as a loser, and hell, I was having a lot of fun so I wouldn't have cared if they did. While I was walking aimlessly through Pécs tonight at about 8:30 I saw couples galore. Everywhere. All ages. & I kinda felt left out. I'm a very independent person so I wasn't sure if I was going through a bit of culture shock, or if I was just missing Ben, but I felt odd. It was rare to see a person without her/his significant other. I think my parents will enjoy this city at night though. It's a very sweet idea to go on a leisurely walk with your significant other through the paved streets of Pécs.

I was thinking about it on my walk and as far as culture shock goes, I don't think I've gone through much of it. I've done a lot of research on it (a senior capstone, to be exact!) and I can fairly well pinpoint what stages a person is going through. I'm probably in the honeymoon stage still, but there isn't a whole lot to be shocked about. Hungarian's focus on the family. They focus on school. They like sports. I was really shocked when Luca told me that she was going to take ELEVEN classes in addition to evening chorus and practice for her sports. In Hungary, students have to take 30 credit hours per semester, not like U.S. students who have to take 30 credit hours per year. She makes my 4 classes look like a tiny dot on a paper.

Something that I will always wish I had done: minored in Linguistics. Sadly our school does not offer it, but I do love it so much...

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