Saturday, July 7, 2012

From China to Japan.

I've been in Tokyo, Japan for the past 9 days!

I'm still really weak and dizzy and get exhausted very quickly, but Chris has been very patient and understanding. We've done a good bit, but I know Chris wanted to do a lot more. Hopefully my energy will return and we can be busy bees in Atlanta.

Pictures are below, of course!

You put everything over rice and add green tea. It was SO delicious and very healthy.

What I did a lot. A lot a lot.

Going to a belated birthday lunch at Park Hyatt.  It was phenomenal! 

Our view while we were eating. 

Awesome view, amazing food, fantastic company...
I wish it was my birthday more often.

I'm in love with Japanese flower arrangements. 

Temple where I got a sweet fortune about my love life! 

Out drinking/eating with Chris' friends and suddenly a pineapple hat appears.

I love getting a kid's meal. Perfect portions.

Chocolate filled croissants. They are my Tokyo obsession.
Never can have enough...

A ferris wheel ride we took overlooking Tokyo.
SO much fun.

Replica in Tokyo. 

Fresh sushi from the fish market. mmmm.
Squid sushi available from the sushi-go-round.

I depart for America this evening! I'll arrive in Atlanta on Monday at 7:20 am. Whooooa!

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