Sunday, November 27, 2011

Student suggestions for my class

"I think that your classes are great so I don't have suggestions" ~Tina.

"I feel happy in your class and you make me like English. So I have no suggestions or ideas" ~Unknown.

"I like you and your class very much...Suggstions? Let me have a thought. Eh...No suggestions here........" ~Bryan.

"I don't have suggestions because I think it's perfect" ~Tony.

"Ok. You are my favorite teacher (>.< Alan is too strict..) and I think you did the best in your class, including taugh lectures and spoke with us....We all love you >.< ! ~Vera.

I did get some suggestions for my class, but I was very surprised (and so happy) at the amount of love that I got. The actual suggestions were to watch movies or listen to music, and I can do both, actually.

Travel Plans!!
  1. Japan for a weekend in December
  2. South Korea for a weekend in January.
  3. United States for almost a month in January till February.
Two of my favorite 12th graders and me.

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