Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Great Wall of China

I had such an amazing time. Any one want to come to China and do it with me?

I arrived in the early morning on Saturday, ate my breakfast in Tiananmen Square and some English speaking Chinese teachers started talking to me. We went to a traditional tea ceremony and then they bought me a turtle. (It died.) Then I went with a tour group of 6 (total) to the Great Wall. Everything was provided, the food, the beer, the sleeping bags, and the transportation. I came back to Zhengzhou on Sunday, around midnight.

It was wonderful!

Lisa Baer on the Great Wall of China!
Great Wall in the distance.
A local family gave us lunch after the hike.
Sometimes the hike meant that we
couldn't be on the Great Wall.
Some of the wall was not safe.

Brushed my teeth off the Great Wall.
About to sleep on the watch tower of the Great Wall.

This was the section that I walked on.
When I first arrived in Beijing, this woman took me to
a tea ceremony and bought me a turtle.
The turtle's name is Jackie Chan.
My new friend's friend.
Eating tiny oranges in Tiananmen Square while a random
man looks in.

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  1. These pictures are so cool! You look like you're having such a good time. More people should be able to experience the things you do. But until I finally get to that point, I'm content to live it vicariously through you. Try to sneak me back a Chinese Honeybaked Ham.