Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Wow, where to begin.

Vienna was amazing mainly because we had one of the best couchsurfers that I have ever encountered. He was an amazing host and made Vienna shine.

Stevie and I stayed in Vienna a mere two nights/three days and left Vienna on Tuesday morning and arrived in Dresden, Germany with a couple of my friends from Hungary- Anne and Brian. Anne lives in Dresden, so she is going to show us around. One more city before Stevie and I leave for the United States!

Highlights from the Vienna trip:
1) Went to see Freud's apartment. That picture with me sitting on the toilet? That's me sitting on the toilet at Freud's place! Woooooo hoo! (I don't really care for Freud, but I took a class over him and I'm a psychology major, so I was definitely interested in seeing where he came up with a bunch of nonsense.) :)
2) The National History Museum- see picture of me with the amethyst.
3) The Albertina. Saw works from Picasso, Michaelangelo, and Kentridge.
4) Of course, the Christmas Markets.
5) Our amazing couchsurfer.

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