Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Venice Recap

  • Italy is beautiful.
  • Italian men are bold.
  • Gelato is....amazing.
  • My love for pasta has been taken to brand new heights.
  • I arrived on Saturday- great weather. Got my own personal tour guide to show me the city.
  • Sunday- met an awesome girl and we explored the shopping aspect of Venice. It rained and Venice FLOODED. It was spectacular!
  • Monday- great weather. Went on a boat ride through the canals, did some more shopping, ate some wonderful food, and then I went to the airport and wrote 12 pages of a research paper, studied for a couple of exams, and slept on the floor. Woke up sharing my Snuggie with a cockroach. (AAAAAAAAAAH!)
Overall: A+

What's next? In ten days (10!) I will be going on a GRAND FINALE of a trip with someone who is VERY important to me to FIVE different locations before (hopefully) returning home. I'll provide all the details in a few days. Hope everyone is getting into the Christmas spirit!

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