Thursday, October 21, 2010

Austria with my cousin was Aaaamaaazing

Some places that we went to go see: (Click on the link)
Eisriesenwelt- The world's largest ice cave!
The Liechtensteinklamm Gorge
Salz Welten (Salt Mine in Salzburg)
Werfen Castle
Dom zu Salzburg Cathedral
Hohensalzburg Fortress
Golling Waterfall
Hofbrauhaus in Munich
Salzach Gorge

I've got the rest of my weekends planned out! It looks like I won't be going traveling for two weekends this semester. Hate to miss those two weekends for potential travel, but school takes priority.

Also, shout out to my mom for buying me that bea-ut-i-ful hat that you see in most of my pictures! I love that hat, and my mom certainly knows me & my style.

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