Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I was a really lucky lady recently because I got to be Heather's boyfriend for a bit. I've known Heather since high school. We did RISE together (it's a volunteer program with elementary schools), drove in a horrible red van together, and we even went to the same university together. This girl is amazing and she's always at the top of my list-of-people-to-hang-out-with when I come back to Atlanta.

Her family was going on a trip to Vegas and Heather asked me to go with her. I said yes (of course)! And I can't even explain how amazing it was, but I'll definitely try. Honestly, I won't have another vacation as luxurious as this one until I'm rich...so it'll be awhile.

To start off our vacation (and my mental break from finishing my first semester of graduate school) we got seats on the plane with extra legroom, and then we got an insane amount of food from the flight attendants. Perfect way to watch Game of Thrones. 

Then we took a limousine to Caesar's Palace....

...and then we checked into our freaking unreal room. We had a flat-screen TV in our bathroom, a tub that was big enough for me to sleep in comfortably, and then we had a phenomenal view of Las Vegas and all the pools below. Pinch me.

We aren't the type of girls who shy away from eating tons of food and we were starving, so we went to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant...so freaking good!

Appetizers, beer, pork chops, AND desserts? Could I get any happier?

And then my pretty date and I went to a Penn&Teller magic show. I'd never seen their show before, but it was awesome! I can't figure out their magic tricks and that's okay. So good. We got to take pictures with them AND we got their autographs!

We went to bed pretty soon after that. We were both exhausted, happy, full...and we were going to the Hoover Dam in the morning so we had to get some beauty sleep!

That alarm in the morning wasn't the best thing to wake up to but we got a huge cup of Starbucks to help us wake up (it worked). We left for the Hoover Dam early in the morning via a luxury motor coach.

As a fun side note, Heather is amazing at hair braiding. She's so talented that she can braid hair while on a bus AND learn about the history of the Hoover Dam at the same time.

The Hoover Dam is intense. We learned a lot of interesting facts about its construction, got to go underground and see what it does and how it impacts people today both near and far. Staggering to think about all the work that they did and how relatively short the building process was.

And then we went on a riverboat cruise on Lake Mead, the largest man-made lake in the United States!

In case that wasn't enough....we got dressed because we had a show to go to after dinner!! We had a family dinner at a freaking delicious steak house. Never have I ever had meat so tender

So then, of course...since we were in Vegas and because why not?... we went to see the Chippendales
And then this happened, thanks 100% to Heather:

But really, the full picture IS on my 'fridge.

So then after that, you're thinking surely it can't get better than this, right? I mean, we basically had 1st class treatment on our flight, a limo to get to the hotel, the best room (and bathtub), and decadent food (and drinks...and men) + shows at night + the Hoover Dam. Shut the front door, there's more?


The next day we slept in a bit, and explored around Las Vegas. It was so nice just to relax with Heather and catch up since I've basically been gone for 2 years. We wandered around and saw the gardens, watched the water fountain show, walked around a giant mall and relaxed before dinner time. 

For dinner, we went back to Gordon Ramsey's restaurant and then we went to see a Cirque du Soleil show! 

So of course we had to dress up! After spending 4 months in grad school and not dressing up except for maybe twice..this was so much fun. I love being a girly girl!

As a part of our tickets we got dinner included at some restaurant that we had never heard of....but we didn't really want dinner because we had just eaten before the show. So Heather asked and we got our tickets changed to "dessert only" 

I ordered dessert but I wasn't expecting something as big as my head: 

Hahaha, and Heather's was just as big! We could have split one and still not have finished it. 

And then we had to deal with a sugar high, haha

We left for Atlanta the next day :( We were lucky and we didn't have anyone in the two seats next to us, or the row next to us, so we just took up three seats and slept. We came home on Christmas Day, so I got to celebrate Christmas with my family! 


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  1. Wonderful pictures and comments. I always love to get them but usually too busy to answer right away. I think someday retirement will slow down but I do not know when. Send more pics.
    Lots'sa Love Gram