Saturday, May 4, 2013

Broke my foot but I still had a good day.

Forget everything that I said I wanted to do in my previous post- that doesn't matter much anymore!

The weather has been beautiful in Ulaanbaatar recently. It's been 75 degrees, and can you believe it's going to be 80 on Monday? Chris and I decided to go out to eat at this awesome little Cuban place for lunch. (It was delicious) 

After that, we decided to walk home.

I do love him so much.

On part of the walk we got to cross a river, and that was so much fun! We were laughing and joking the entire time...just completely relaxed and really enjoying the nice weather and great company.

Chris wanted to stop in a restaurant called "Moose" on the way home to check out the menu (for future dates, I'm sure :)) and on the way out I started to dance. Chris was like "yeah, Lisa, dance it out" and two seconds later, I missed the step out of the restaurant and crashed to the pavement.

I heard something in my foot go SNAP and I knew right then something was horribly wrong.

We got ice from the waitress inside Moose, and I called up my Fulbright friends asking for hospital recommendations since my usual Korean hospital is closed on the weekends.

We got a recommendation for a hospital, Chris flagged down a taxi, and then Chris picked me up and placed me gently inside. Once we got to the hospital, we had a 30 minute wait to get an x-ray. Chris wasn't the only sweet guy carrying his girl; we saw other women with potentially broken bones getting carried in, but none were so attentive (or funny) as mine :)

I ended up getting an x-ray (no radiation coverings at all, and Chris was in the room the whole time)

A low point. I actually kept a pretty stellar sense of humor the entire time.

And then I was very professionally fitted for a cast. I'm still not sure if the bone is in the right place or not. No adjustments were made.

Chris had to go home to get more money and I waited around patiently in the cast-making room for about an hour. When he came back, a new-found Mongolian friend offered us a ride home. He unfortunately got a flat on the way back, but that was more funny than frustrating.

Now Chris and I are home safe and sound, although neither one of us is really in tip-top shape. Chris carried me from room to room in the hospital and he also carried me to the car and up 5 flights of stairs to our tiny apartment. He helped me get into the taxi after I broke my foot, helped find the proper doctors for me, and he even sat in traffic for 30 minutes trying to get home so he could get more money for this unexpected expense. I think I would still be on the ground right now, or probably still in the hospital if it wasn't for him. 

Per doctor's orders, I am on 28 days of bed rest and I need to elevate my foot constantly. Chris and I spent the rest of the evening re-organizing the room to work with my new handicap. We're both weary, but we still had an awesome day.

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