Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Day

I'm trying to be more positive, but sometimes I fail. But I'm still trying. Here's some positives:

At least I still have a great view.

An outreach trip has been confirmed! Joe, Eli, Lisa Dompier, and I will be traveling March 24th-31st. We will be traveling a total of 2300 km (1429 miles!!) and staying in hotels and gers while we visit orphanages, primary schools, and handicapped children. We will be teaching them about American customs and traditions and some of the English language. Thank you, Fulbright, for this awesome opportunity.

Airfare has been confirmed for my return flight to the USA for June 9th! Thanks again to Fulbright.

I got to video-chat with my mother today! It's been forever since we've talked.

And in trying to make light of some of the negatives that I deal with in Mongolia...here's a perfect video of Mongolia and its' uniqueness. The video is called "Mongolian Oddities". It is hilarious and describes my life perfectly! The Mongolian buses in the wintertime is no joke and the little scenes of the city really capture a lot of the things that I'm too nervous to photograph. (I'm worried about someone stealing my camera)

Also, oddity #6 has happened to Chris and me when we were eating at a little restaurant and a woman stopped in the middle of the street, took off her shirt (no bra), and turned her shirt inside out. We got dinner and a show that night, haha

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