Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

I went to Beijing and Wuxi, China for Christmas!
When I was in Beijing I met up with my friend, Blake. We met last year in the airport when I was returning to America for a short vacation and luckily we got to meet up again. We went out and got some milk tea and dumplings and had the best time just walking around the city till 1 or so in the morning.

Then the next day I hopped on a plane and went to Wuxi to see Korin and April, a couple that I got to know when I was in Zhengzhou, China. It was awesome! I met all their students, saw their school put on a holiday performance, and had a great time drinking and playing Monopoly Deal with my sweet friends.

We also went to a giant pet market and some pictures are below:

Found the dog I want when I finally return to the States.

Next to the pet market was a food market. This is ginger.

Bringing in the New Year was awesome and relaxing. We ate some Western food and I got to play more Monopoly Deal with Chris and we watched the fireworks from the window. We're off to South Korea and North Korea in just a few days and I'll update when we get back. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, too!

Date night :)

High-five jumping on the Tuul River! 

Oh, the temperature right now is -26°F right now and it's 2pm! I love Mongolian winters!

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