Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Things I did in Japan. (Friday through Sunday)

On Friday, I arrived in the evening, so Chris and I ate dinner at a restaurant where the sushi was on a belt and it went around. "Sushi-Go-Round" Pretty much all the sushi was different from what I get in the United States but it was all tasty! I had never had mayonnaise in my sushi before...who knew it would be so good.
After dinner, we went to an Illumination light show
and before going home we stopped in a pet store to see the cute cats and dogs.

On Saturday we went to a fish market in the morning and after wandering around and tasting a bunch of seaweed we had some of the best sushi of my entire life! It was so fresh and the exact opposite of what I eat in China, so I was in heaven.
After lunch we went to Harajuku- the fashion district of Tokyo. We enjoyed crepes with Australians and then saw a store that featured the AKB48 (famous singing group in Japan). We rode around on the metro line for a long time, just talking and looking out the window before going to the Parasite Museum.
While walking home we decided to stop and eat a chocolate croissant and have some tea while watching Tokyo traffic. Then we went to Akihabara- the technology section of Tokyo, and we explored a 7 story toy store and some other fun stores as well. I got a piggy back ride from the metro station to where we decided to eat: We had dinner at sukiya before turning in for the night.

My final day there we went to a Cat Cafe, where you pay to pet cats for an hour (loved it!) and then we went to a comedy show at night. On Monday, Chris and I ran all through Tokyo Station and I missed my bus to get to the airplane, but all went well, because I caught the next bus (thankfully). Tokyo is amazing, and so is Chris for having me. I'm definitely going to be going back.


  1. sounds like you really like Japan the best so far!
    what's next? what is your dad's blog site? Thought I had written down correctly but apparently not! That is so CUTE of Clohoe RaF!!
    miss you and love you!!!

  2. Hey Rocklobster, Japan is my favorite, but Philippines was so relaxing and refreshing.

    Next up is South Korea and my dad's blog site is http://travelingbigbaer.blogspot.com/

    Chloe is freaking adorable. Can't wait to see that dog come Jan.