Sunday, March 6, 2011

Letter to Life

Dear Life,

I've been with you for 22 years now (maybe more in another life, I don't know) and I'm loving every moment. Granted, some days (and months) have been much much better than others, but overall, I've taken everything that you've given me and gotten a lot stronger from it. I couldn't be more excited about the vague, general direction my life is going. I know we've worked hard to relieve a lot of stress that I'm sure my parents had my junior and senior year of high school, and I like knowing that they don't have to stress (much) anymore.

Life, I won't lie to you, mostly 'cause it's pointless, but it's been really difficult recently thanks to reverse culture shock and the insane amount of work that my classes require from me. It's tough to sit down every weekend at my desk and muster up the motivation to do endless amounts of homework and research, especially when I think about all the traveling and exploring that I did not even 90 days ago. It's really tough. But I know this is a make-it-or-break-it kind of finale, and I'm determined to shine. Graduation is only 2 months away and I'm going to cross that (1st) finish line in style.

Senior year has been going on for over a year and a half now, and I know a lot of people are shaking their heads and thinking "When is this girl going to finally graduate?!" but thanks for continuously opening up new opportunities for me that I'm able to take advantage of while I'm young and in college. Who else can say that they've counselled crack addicts at the age of 21 and volunteered over 600 hours in just three months? You offer a lot of exciting things for me to do, via mission trips to Haiti, a semester exchange in Europe, undergraduate publications and an internship, and I'd be stupid and full of regret if I didn't take them.

As far as the future goes, let's work on that together, but I've got some pretty awesome ideas for me, and I'm going to make sure they get accomplished. Life, I'm not really interested in any guys at the moment, but if you find a guy who can put up with my traveling ways and my irrational logic when drunk, well shoot, that might be my future husband.

Keep me guessing, 'cause you know I'll do the same for you.

Love always,


And this reverse culture shock? I kinda hope I never get over it because I always want to be infected with the traveling bug.

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